What is this?

The Plastic Free Initiative is about reducing our impact on our surroundings and the greater environment.

It’s about every one of us making an effort to reduce our reliance of single use plastics and in time to become completely plastic free.

In order to make this happen we need to make some choices. To choose not to purchase goods and items that have unnecessary plastic packaging. To source and use alternative products that are plastic free and to ensure that we use non plastic wrappings for the sale of goods.

When you think about it, it’s not easy is it?

Plastic is everywhere.

  • Glitter – often made of tiny plastic particles.
  • Plastic drinks bottles.
  • Plastic glassware
  • Polystyrene trays and boxes for food.
  • Carrier bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bin bags
  • This list goes on and on.

Bovey Tracey Carnival understand that this is a long process. We cannot make this happen overnight.

Our Plastic Policy is now in it’s fifth year and progress is good. Please support us. Please do what you can. Think about the items and products you are using. Try and make the changes where possible and we will be doing the same. Together we will make a difference.   


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